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Jeff Barnes, MBA. The Submariner Business Consultant
Jeff Barnes MM1 (SS/DV), MBA
The Submariner Business Consultant
Helping Entrepreneurial Leaders Master Themselves and Their Business so They Can Make a Massive Impact in the World!
Advanced Business Growth
Learn tried and true methods for growing your business using strategies developed by Elite Sailors in the US Navy Submarine Force!
Warning: This is a 2-hour masterclass for those who are looking to build a real system for growing their business. If you're looking for some sort of get rich quick easy magic button thing, this is not for you.
We're Sorry! The course is closed to new participants at this time.
Jeff's knowledge and advice in starting my wellness coaching business has been invaluable. He offers real world strategies and solutions for the issues facing a startup. He was always available to answer any questions that came up along the way and with his extensive background, his advice was coming from experience, not just business theory. I highly recommend Jeff!!"
- Dr. Karen Naymik
                                                                                                                                                                     Chiropractor and Health Coach
Jeff Barnes, a former US Navy Submariner, Fortune 500 Innovation Consultant, Best-Selling Author, and Entrepreneur, will teach you his exact method for streamlining your business, boosting profits and productivity, and giving you back your freedom in the process!
Jeff has a very intuitive grasp of entrepreneurial principles and provides much needed perspective and energy to the company. He is not afraid to take risks, try new ideas and methods and push teams along to move faster. It's not just his love for technology but his relentless focus on the customer and lean principles that make him invaluable to any innovation project."
   - Namrata Mundhra
                                                                                                                                                                  Fortune 500 Innovation Consultant
Submariner Business is the leading online training and consulting program for building your business using strategies developed and perfected by the US Navy Submarine Force! Enter your information above to get access to a free training masterclass that will show you exactly what it takes to get big results by implementing systems, tools, and technology in your business. Whether you are a business owner, an executive, or self-employed, understanding how to use systems in your business is not something you can delay learning. Get started now with our free training, taught by Jeff Barnes the founder of Submariner Business Consulting. With clients across the globe, ranging from small tech startups and solo-entrepreneurs to multinational conglomerates, there is something in here for anyone looking to grow their business and impact.  Now you can learn exactly how we’re doing it, and start applying it to your business today. If your business could use a shot in the arm, you’re in the right place.

Jeff Barnes

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Learn the proven strategies and tactics that successful businesses are using to continue growing and streamlining their efforts and gain a real competitive advantage.

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Jeff Barnes will be offering his masterclass training for free for a very limited time to entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives who are interested in streamlining their business, boosting profits, and making a bigger impact!
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