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Submariner Business Consulting Group is a professional services business consulting group helping small and medium sized businesses implement growth systems into their companies using our proprietary VISION 26 Method. Through virtual or on-site consulting we help you implement the systems you need to grow.


Small businesses and entrepreneurs fuel the economy, fulfill individual dreams and ambitions, and provide the catalyst to make our world a better place. However, many entrepreneurs fail to create the impact they desire because their businesses run them instead of the other way around. We fix that!


With our Perpetual Growth Formula and VISION Method, our focus is on helping you maximize the growth of your business so you can help more customers, change more lives, and create a bigger impact. We work tirelessly for you so you can achieve the goals you desire!


At the heart of our business is the same promise Mr. Barnes made to his country when he joined the Navy two decades ago: Do What is Right. Defend Our Personal Freedoms. Give Back. Pursue Excellence. Make the World a Better Place!
companies and Experts we have helped through training and consulting
Consulting services
is your business growing as quickly as you'd like?
Our consulting services are designed to be multi-month to multi-year engagements to help you achieve your goals of growing your business and impacting more people along the way. We combine training, coaching, and consulting together to ensure your leadership team and staff alike have the tools they need to succeed in helping more customers. 
Executive Coaching
Are you the leader you need to be to impact the world the way you want?
Mr. Barnes takes on a select group of individual clients who are making a big impact in the world to help them achieve the goals they desire in a short period of time. Having worked personally with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and CEOs around the world. Mr. Barnes has a unique, no-nonsense approach to moving leaders to action so they can create momentum in their lives...FAST. 

This high-intensity, advanced leadership and CEO-level personal coaching program isn't for everyone, but those who complete it are the ones who are changing the world.  
Keynote Speaker
Need a business Growth Expert to Speak at Your Event?


As a business growth expert, Jeff Barnes has worked with, trained, and spoken for several companies in the areas of marketing, operations, leadership, digital and mobile technologies, and leadership.

Mr. Barnes is an engaging, no-nonsense, professional and entertaining speaker who can get the room on its feet and drive home  a message sure to wake up the crowd and move them to action!

If you are looking for a presenter who can not only entertain and engage your group, and someone who is also well respected and able to sell from the stage, then please feel free to contact our offices today!
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designed to inspire and motivate action!
Invite Jeff to keynote your event
If you are looking for someone to present or keynote at your event, or you need someone to train your team, department, or company in the areas of innovation, leadership, or entrepreneurial principles and growth, please send us a request by clicking the button below.
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